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Scientific Program

Please, notice that all given times are in UT

26th July Monday

11:00 Workshop opening

12:00 Blay Welcome


Chair: Maitra

12:10 Alfonso-Garzón Unveiling the origin of the optical and UV emission during the 2017-2018 giant outburst of Swift J0243.6+6124

12:30 Doroshenko Extremes of the accretion in Swift J0243.6+6124

12:50 Sugizaki X-ray emission evolutions of the Galactic ultra-luminous X-ray pulsar, Swift J0243.6+6124, observed by the MAXI GSC

13:10 Ballhausen Dust and gas absorption in the High Mass X-ray binary IGR J16318−4848

13:30 Varun The study of Cyclotron Line In Two HMXB Systems Using ASTROSAT-LAXPC

13:50 Break

Chair: Torrejón

14:30 Beri Be X-ray binary 4U 1901+03: Cyclotron Resonance Scattering Feature and its imprint on the pulse profile

14:50 Vasilopoulos RX J0209.6-7427: A test case for Super-Eddington Accretion in BeXRB Pulsars

15:10 Kabiraj Broadband X-ray characteristics of the transient pulsar GRO J2058+42


15:30 Corbet Superorbital Modulation in the High-Mass X-ray Binary 4U 1538-52, and Possible Modulation in IGR J16393-4643

15:50 Baykal Timing Noise of Accretion Powered Pulsars

16:10 Saathoff Investigations of the pulse profiles of Her X-1 and the pulse profile fitting method

16:30 Posters and general discussion

Explaining asymmetric variation in cyclotron line energy in Be XRB Cepheus X-4 (Bhargava)

Spectral and absorption variability in the high mass X-ray binary Vela X-1 with NuSTAR (Diez)

AstroSat Observations of the first Galactic Ultra-luminous X-ray Pulsar Swift J0243.6+6124 (Beri)

27th July Tuesday

12:00 Blay Welcome


Chair: McKeague

12:10 Carpano SRG/eROSITA discovery of 164s pulsations from the SMC Be/X-ray binary XMMU J010429.4-723136, alias SXP164

12:30 Dönmez Comprehensive Analysis of the Transient X-ray Pulsar MAXI J1409-619

12:50 Ducci Fast and bright X-ray flares from the Be X-ray binary A0538-66 revealed by XMM-Newton

13:10 Laycock X-ray Pulsars meet Big Data

13:30 Poggiani Long term periodicities of Be X-ray binaries

13:50 Break


Chair: Molina

14:30 Reig The optical variability of Be/X-ray binaries

14:50 Ribó Long-term optical photometric and H alpha observations of the gamma-ray binary LS I +61 303

15:10 Kravtsov Discovery of orbital variability of the optical linear polarization in gamma-ray binary LS I +61 303

15:30 Blay Polarization survey of BeXRBs

15:50 Monageng An optical and X-ray study of the peculiar Be X-ray binary XMMU J010331.7-730144

16:10 Ozbey Arabaci Multiwavelength observations of A 0535+262 during and after the 2020 giant outburst

16:30 Posters and general discussion

Optical Spectroscopy of BeXs (Negueruela)

Observations of southern hemisphere BeXRBs: 10 years of optical spectroscopy with SALT (Townsend)

28th July Wednesday

12:00 Blay Welcome


Chair: Alfonso-Garzón

12:10 Torrejón Gamma Cas: towards the solution of an old mystery

12:30 Postnov Gamma Cas phenomenon in Be-X-ray binaries

12:50 Rouco-Escorial An insight into the low X-ray luminosity of Be/X-ray transients

13:10 Shenar A new class of post-interaction Be binaries

13:30 Klement nu Gem: a hierarchical triple system with an outer Be star

13:50 Break

Chair: Rouco-Escorial

14:30 Coe The study of ~70 Be/X-ray binaries in the SMC with S-CUBE

14:50 Roy Characterizing the geometry of SMC X-2 using Polestar

15:10 Maitra An insight to the high mass X-ray binaries in the Magellanic Clouds as seen by eROSITA during the Commissioning/Calibration phase

15:30 Vinciguerra The treasure of Be X-ray binaries in the Small Magellanic Cloud

15:50 van den Ejjnden Radio monitoring of BeXRB outbursts

16:10 Posters and general discussion

CPD -29 2176: The first BeXRB with a magnetar? (Richardson)

29th July Thursday

12:00 Blay Welcome


Chair: Monageng

12:10 Bosch-Ramon On the physics of gamma-ray Be-binaries

12:30 Molina Gamma-ray binaries described through a 1D emitter

12:50 Kefala On the interaction of pulsar winds and clumpy stellar winds in Be star systems

13:10 Chernyakova Multi-wavelength observations of 2021 periastron passage of PSR B1259-63.

13:30 Malyshev Multiwavelength observations of PSR J2032+4127 during the 2017 periastron passage

13:50 Break


Chair: Ozbey Arabaci

14:30 Malacaria 10 years of accreting X-ray pulsars with Fermi GBM

14:50 Mihara MAXI observations of BeXRB and M, R, B estimation of X per

15:10 McKeague Simulating high phase resolution spectra of Vela X-1 with Athena XIFU

15:30 Bissinger BeXRB database project

15:50 Posters & General discussion

Temporal resolution of HESS J0632+057 with LST-1 (Aguasca-Cabot)

30th July Friday

12:00 Blay Welcome


Chair: Fabregat

12:10 Sokolova-Lapa Modeling polarized hard X-ray radiation from Be X-ray binaries in quiescence

12:30 Mushtukov Spectrum formation in X-ray pulsars at very low mass accretion rate

12:50 Okazaki Periodic variations in the accretion disk orientation in misaligned Be/X-ray binaries movie#6 movie#10

13:10 Thalhammer Fitting strategy and parameter study of the Becker & Wolff continuum model in Cen X-3

13:30 El Mellah Mass and angular momentum transfer in BeXBs

13:50 General discussion

14:30 Workshop Closing